Digital Mat With

4 Healing Therapies

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

  • Vibro-Massage Therapy

  • Far-Infrared Therapy

  • Magnetic Therapy

Easy, practical, and effective use in your daily routine, at the gym, office, home, spa, or any place where you can take the time to relax and restore your energy.

RelaxMax the Unique Mat with Massage

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VitalCare - The Therapeutic Mattress with 6 Healing Therapies:

VitalCare Mattress Therapies

  • Vibro-Massage Therapy

  • PEMF Therapy

  • Magnetic Therapy

  • Far-Infrared Therapy

  • Progressive Density

  • Rabatan

  • The Therapies in the VitalCare mattress are recommended by Doctors

    Revitalizing Therapeutic Energy

    Magnetic Therapy

    Magnetic Mattress USA offers magnetic therapy that improves your oxygen levels and blood circulation. Magnetic energy aids in battling infections, accelerating the healing of areas with damaged tissue, reducing back pain, joint pain, arthritis, leg swelling, and other chronic afflictions.

    Vibro-Massage Therapy

    The whole-body vibration massage therapy is a feature built-in our magnetic mattress. It provides you with a relaxing massage, helping you after a stressful work day. Also, the vibration massage helps re-build muscles and bone density.

    PEMF Therapy

    PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy helps the body to restore the energy lost from the aging process of our bodies. Additionally,  the PEMF energy helps the body rebalance, helping to improve and strengthen the body to eliminate the stress hormones.

    Can a mattress really change your life?

    If you have ever experienced a sleepless night, waking up tired or starting off your day with back pain, stiffness and body aches, you know the importance of a restful, deep and comfortable night of sleep.

    Unfortunately, much of the restlessness and discomfort we experience are a result of sleeping on a mattress that contributes to the problem. Sleep disturbance affects up to 10.2 million U.S. adults with arthritis, according to a 2011 study by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

    See below the therapeutic benefits of the VitalCare 5T Mattress.

    Sleep Therapy within the VitalCare 5T Mattress

    In Pursuit of OPTIMAL Health

    Vibro-Massage Therapy

  • Improves Circulation

  • Promotes Muscle Relaxation

  • Enhances Flexibility

  • Reduces Stress

  • It just feels GOOD!


    PEMF Therapy

  • Reduces Fatigue

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Promotes Natural Healing

  • Promotes Restorative Sleep

  • Improves Athletic Performance

  • "EARTHING" Magnetic Therapy

  • Balances the Body's Energy

  • Improves Circulation

  • Promotes Oxygenation

  • Reduces Pain

  • Reduces Stress

  • Boosts Immunity


    Far-Infrared Therapy

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Reduces Swelling

  • Reduces Pain

  • Re-balances Metabolism

  • Progressive Density

  • Pressure Smart

  • Correct Weight Distribution

  • Induces Deep REM Sleep

  • Promotes Proper Spinal Alignment

  • Rabatan

  • Simulates Do-In Massage

  • Allows Air Circulation

  • Maintains Low Body Temperature

  • Prevents Mites

  • Is it magical?

    No, it's...

    The Naturific Sleep VitalCare 5T has combined therapies that you will not find in any other mattress:

    • Vibro-Massage Therapy

    • PEMF Therapy

    • Magnetic Therapy

    • Far-Infrared Therapy

    • Progressive Density

    • Rabatan


    Price depends on the type and size of the bed and options selected to best meet your needs. There is a model available for every budget. Let us tell you more! Sign up below to talk with our sleep expert for the pricing.

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    Free In-Home or Virtual Demonstration

    When you schedule an appointment with us, your sleep specialist will arrive on time, professionally dressed and bearing proper identification. During your appointment, your consultant will explain our therapies and benefits for your health. At this time, you’ll be able to share any health conditions or issues that may be affecting your sleep. Our sleep specialist will evaluate your current mattress and recommend the proper size bed and mattress type for your height and weight. Finally, you and your consultant will discuss the VitalCare mattress price(s) that will work best for you, based on your budget and the model and features you’re interested in.

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    VitalCare Mattress with 6 Healing Therapies

    We guarantee that our mattress won't sink with proper use.

    Remote Control to control time, intensity and other features of the therapies.

    Forget about the old alarm clock. Wake up with a relaxing massage.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Healthiest sleeping mattress ever!

    A truly restful and healthy sleeping experience. We sleep on our mattress for one-third of our life. Knowing that our mattress is making us healthier gives us peace of mind and the best night’s sleep every night.

    Loving my new Magnetic Mattress

    It's over a month and we are extremely pleased with our Magnetic Mattress USA mattress! We purchased the Vitalcare 5T and it's the perfect level of firmness for my hubby and I which has proven to be a tough task until now. The magnetic mattress has a fabulous feel of firmness that is great for our backs after playing pickleball, yoga, or walking yet it is soft enough to support our spines when we are on our sides.

    I have had my magnetic mattress for a little over a year.

    I LOVE this mattress! Everyday I wake up and feel rejuvenated, no soreness and I feel completely rested. I wake up refreshed and full of energy. I think today, a year later, the mattress is better than when I got it. I use the vibro-massage every morning and am now a morning person who hates to get out of bed.

    OMG, this is the best bed the on the USA market. If anyone needs a new bed, let me know, I will hook you up with my friend and get you a great deal on the Naturific Sleep Magnetic Mattress.”

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